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DARS (or Digital Analysis of Reaction Systems) is a new tool that enables the analysis of complex chemistry in Engineering applications.  Its main benefit is that it delivers years of expertise in developing and optimizing chemistry with several reactor tools in a modern software environment.  This combination puts it at the forefront of efficiency, ease-of-use, and flexibility in the world of simulating complex kinetic mechanisms.

The computational cost of solving complex reactions, with hundreds of species and thousands of reactions is often prohibitively great.  Utilizing DARS’s reaction reduction capabilities will deliver significant times savings to your computational models, whether 0, 1, 2 or 3D.

Developed using the latest software technology – a Java GUI and object-oriented programming – makes DARS an intuitive and familiar working environment.

Existing links to many of the leading 1D and 3D flow codes ensures that DARS will complement your CAE toolset, whatever it is.  DARS also provides its users with a transparent workbench for developing reactor models.  Its unparalleled access to solver variables puts you in control.



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